Olympia at Futuriti and a 70.000 € Prize Pool

Futuriti is starting 3 tournaments with top winnings

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, the Futuriti casino is giving out big prizes until the 24th of February. With 3 tournaments running, more than 70.000 €  in prize pools are being shared between the participants, increasing the chances to win big for every player. 

Endurance Tournament

The Endurance tournament is dedicated to players with high stamina. The prize pool consists of  6.000 € and the winner receives 5.000 €! Simply start playing as many games as possible at  Futuriti’s Vegas or in the casino section to increase your chances of winning the top prize.

Accuracy Tournament

This tournament is suited for all Roulette players. Whoever scores the highest average of their deposits  and winnings gets to the top of the ranking list. Out of the 10 best players at Futuriti, the winner will receive 5000 € . A total of 6.000 € will be in included in the  prize pool.

Strength Tournament

This tournament delivers the highest payout: 104 players are competing for a prize pool of  58.000 €. Futuriti is looking for the player who generates the highest winnings out of a single game or spin. Skills and luck are also required: Doubling and free spins count towards the overall win and the winner can look forward to receiving 15.000 € . See your ranking live on the casino homepage.

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