Basics new players should know !

With all the different online casinos out there, you should know that not every casino is automatically a serious online casino. That’s why it’s important to be aware of some ground rules before registering and depositing at an online casino. Almost every casino will offer you bonuses or free money to test them. You should pay extra attention here as these bonuses or free offers are linked to requirements that have to be met. These requirements vary and are often overseen by new players. This can lead to problems when it comes to withdrawing the winnings as one or more of these requirements might not have been met.

Important player information!

If you are a new player and  you want to take advantage of an offer, take your time to read the terms and conditions. We have included all the bonus terms and conditions for the different casinos here on Casinobote or provided a link to them to make it easier for you as a player. If you follow this information, you can take advantage of all the bonus offers whenever you like and there should rarely be any problems.

  1. What are you allowed to play with the bonus? Some casinos limit their bonuses to specific games only. Pay attention to this if you like to play table games such as Roulette or Black Jack. Slot machines (Slots) on the other hand are always part of the allowed games. ( some progressives games, i.e. games with jackpots might be excluded)
  2. Is there a maximum cash out amounts? Yes, some offers promise high bonuses but won’t let you withdraw more than a certain amount. We recommend not to use those offer!
  3. Is a bonus withdrawable or non-withdrawable…We have listed a few more points for you in the Bonus Terms and Conditions article. 

This might sound complicated at first but it really isn’t. Whilst going through the terms and conditions, all of your questions will be answered. Please bear in mind that it’s very important to read these terms and conditions. You can also choose not to play with a bonus at any time if it seems too complicated for you. In order to do so, all you need to do is decline the bonus when you are asked for it after you made your deposit or just ask the customer support to remove it before you start playing and wait for the confirmation.

Another important feature is the casino software. Respected operators use a licensed software. We have listed these operators on our site. Most casino websites that you come across mention the software and licensor at the bottom of their site. This surely indicates that it’s a licensed casino with a serious software but doesn’t say anything about the reliability of the operator. There will always be black sheep and non serious online casinos that misuse reputable softwares.

What we advise you to do: Don’t let yourself get deceived by the first impression of an online casino. Take your time and read everything carefully. We at Casinobote don’t just present you casinos, we also present you with their terms and conditions. Our experience will help you find your way through all the casinos on offer as well as their bonuses and to make the right decision.

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